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If you are keen to learn how much an alarm system is going to cost, you can find out here. Simply fill in the estimate form below and we will endeavour to work out a price. Remember, the more information you give us the closer we will be to the actual price.

We are here to help so you shouldn't be reluctant to contact us, there will be no attempt whatsoever to sell or to pressure you into making a 'sales' appointment - this is a promise. But, we do encourage you to 'phone us and this is because a three or four minute conversation will, without a doubt, result in a more accurate quotation.

Please note, an official quotation can only be given after a more in-depth study of the project has been conducted.

Tick a box for each of the existing rooms and, in respect of the first floor, just enter a number representing the number off bedrooms.

The comments box can be used to furnish or request more information.

Again, do not be reluctant to give us your 'phone number - should we call you back it would only be to ask a question or two to assist us with the estimate.

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